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Company Name :ديباك للعبوات المتطوره

فني تشغيل ماكينات بلاستيك (تشكيل حراري Thermoforming ) – العاشر من رمضان – الشرقية

Labor and technicians

تفاصيل الوظيفة

 Comply with all quality, safety, and work rules and regulations
 Loads and unloads forming machine with appropriate materials to facilitate forming requirements
using oven
 Reads and interprets work instructions, and any other related documentation to determine methods
and sequence of operations and dimensional and finish specifications
 Performs de-burring, sanding, grinding operations necessary to meet specifications
 Cuts/trims plastic pieces as necessary using hand routers or a band saw
 Inspects each part to ensure quality standards
 Monitors machine for any mechanical problems
 Completes all necessary paperwork and entering computer production information; cycle times,
daily production numbers, scrap
 Can advance to completing set up and change over procedures of the molds and fixtures
 Troubleshoot and make adjustments to equipment to ensure quality standards
 Follow all clean up and housekeeping procedures
 Other duties may be assigned as necessary

جميع المعلومات المتاحة اثناء التقديم من الرابط ادناه
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