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Company Name : ابراهيم القرشي

تعلن شركة ابراهيم القرشي عن توفر وظائف شاغرة بمدينة ( البحرين )

Job Description

Job Summary:

  • The salesman / woman is the core of the Sales Department, the position is based at one of Ibrahim al Qurashi’s Retail Outlets. The Salesman / Saleswoman is responsible for selling Ibrahim al Qurashi products, sampling the products to customers, and applying their sales techniques to achieve the assigned target. Further responsibilities are in upholding the company image through customer service, store appearance and cleanliness.

Duties and Responsibilities:

·  Share the good knowledge of Ibrahim al Qurashi Products to all customer through describing the perfume notes, price, and size.

·  Updates customers with any new Ibrahim al Qurashi Products and new promotions.

·  Generate revenue through selling Ibrahim al Qurashi Products and increasing the number of products sold.

·  Providing excellent customer service to customers by welcoming, smiling, and presenting.

·  Maintain sellable products and ensuring there is no deficit in the store inventory through a tracking of sold products and restocking the shelfs.

·  Ensure that there is no shortage in cash or payments

·  Ensuring that the store is in a clean and organized state according to store display guidelines

·  Maintain excellent personal appearance and smell.

·  Opening and closing the store in a daily basis by following the time guidelines. 

·  Completion of Daily Tasks as assigned by the Store Supervisor

·  Working according to Company Policy and Guidelines

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