Company Name : Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

أخصائي تمريض – عناية مركزة أطفال حديثي الولادة / Staff Nurse – NICU

Job Description


  • Provides a leadership & resource role in the provision of patient care
  • Acts as a unit management resource for example charge nurse, or team leader as assigned
  • Addresses issues using a problem-solving framework. Initiates the nursing or medical / administrative chain of command if unable to resolve issues
  • Liaisons with other health care team members & departments to provide continuity of patient care & units activities.
  • Must have strong analytical, interpersonal and decision-making skills.


  • Provides direct patient care utilizing the nursing process within established hospital & unit specific policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrates knowledge & clinical assessment skills appropriate to clinical area.
  • Takes direct & appropriate action in urgent & emergency situations
  • Monitoring vital signs and ensuring the proper functions of feeding tubes, ventilators, catheters and other life support equipments.
  • Documents all assessments, interventions & other information in the patient’s health care record in a timely & ongoing manner
  • Promotes continuity of care through oral written communication
  • Demonstrates effective communication & collaboration skills when interacting with patients, families, & other health care team members
  • Acts as patient advocate by supporting the basic rights, values and beliefs of the patient.
  • Complies with the hospital Infection Control & Safety Protocols

Education & Research

  • Works with all health care team members in activities designed for the improvement of patient care outcomes
  • Acts as a preceptor and/or resource for new employees, trainees & other staff
  • Assumes responsibility for own professional growth identifying the areas of clinical knowledge & skills that requires development
  • Uses research / current references in the provision of evidence-based care
  • Participates in teaching & mentoring of nurses and trainees


  • Anticipates & acts to maintain a safe environment
  • Assesses own care to patient care systems and continuously seek ways to improve
  • Complies with and participates in Quality Management processes & activities


  • Serves as a professional role model, teacher & resource person
  • Develops & utilizes professional collegial networking
  • Demonstrates respect, compassion & cultural sensitivity to patients, families & other hospital employees
  • Advocates for excellence in patient care & rights
  • Assumes responsibility for own actions, decisions & behaviors.
  • Demonstrate initiative in the performance of duties
  •  Performs other related duties as assigned.


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