Company Name : Ministry of Defense -Medical Services Directorate

أخصائي تمريض – صحة عامة / Staff Nurse – Public Health

Job Description


  • Duties and responsibilities:


  • Administrative

   Establishes and develops effective communication with all disciplines of staff and patientsIn co-operate with the Charge Nurse to ensure that all staffs are oriented in their posts and fully aware of the range of duties and responsibilities they should carry .Offers guidance and advices for all staff working in the unit whenever it seems necessary.Collaborates with medical staff on matters of patient care and any activity, which could affect the delivery of care.Ensures that all agreed Policies and Procedures are correctly implemented and maintained using evidence based practice.Promptly reports and investigate complains and incidents in related to nursing in accordance with hospital policy.Liaisons with other health care team members & departments to provide continuity of patient care & units activities.ClinicalPlans and participate in Public Health Nursing Programmes in the main clinic, MOH and schools ensuring that the standard of nursing care and procedures performed within the unit are of a high quality. Reports to the Charge Nurse if standards fall below the accepted level.Assesses and evaluates the immunization status and needs of through the knowledge of current vaccine preventable disease, immunization guidelines, National vaccination schedules.Provides health education on one to one basis in the clinics and on         group health education sessions in the Post-Partum Ward.Educates patient and caregivers about the importance of immunization, following recommended immunization schedules, possible side effects of immunizations, and aftercare.Gives support to the families and talks with parents about any matters of concern that may arise.Carries out full assessment on all vaccinee prior to vaccinations.Assesses developmental milestones.Monitor and evaluate refrigerator/freezer/room temperatures to ensure proper storage and handling of vaccine, medicines and medical supplies.Be able to respond to an anaphylactic reaction if it occurs. Education & Research Works with all health care team members in activities designed for the improvement of patient care outcomesActs as a preceptor and/or resource for new employees, trainees & other staffAssumes responsibility for own professional growth identifying the areas of clinical knowledge & skills that requires developmentUses research / current references in the provision of evidence-based careParticipates in teaching & mentoring of nurses and traineesQualityAnticipates & acts to maintain a safe environmentAssesses own care to patient care systems and continuously seek ways to improveComplies with and participates in Quality Management processes & activities ProfessionalismServes as a professional role model, teacher & resource personDevelops & utilizes professional collegial networkingDemonstrates respect, compassion & cultural sensitivity to patients, families & other hospital employeesAdvocates for excellence in patient care & rightsAssumes responsibility for own actions, decisions & behavioursDemonstrate initiative in the performance of dutiesPerforms other related duties as assigned.

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